We promise

By joining the Invitae Patient Insights Network, you become part of a community created to energize, inform, engage and support disease research. We come together to help find better treatments, faster. We encourage the sharing of de-identified data so patients can learn from each other. When you add your voice, Invitae makes a steadfast promise.

  • We promise to safeguard your information and protect your privacy.
  • We promise that you own your health information, forever.
  • We promise that you control who can access your health information.
  • We promise not to share your contact information or identifying information, unless you tell us to reveal it.
  • We promise to honor your preferences about the types of information we send to you.
  • We promise that you can stop participating in our Patient Insights Network at any time and have your information removed.
  • We promise to do everything we can to ensure patient voices are heard.